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keynote speaker CHRISTOPHER GRACE

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Christopher Grace has been a conference speaker for the last ten years. He brings a collection of topics to the table whenever he’s asked to attend a speaking engagement. He focuses on the various techniques he uses as a corporate entertainer and mentalist, highlighting the traits and tactics that can make you a better salesperson, have more confidence in the workplace and using your memory to retain the most important information!

Speaking Engagement Topics Include:


– An in depth look into how using psychological techniques can boost your sales and maintain steady relationships with clients, old and new. All presented in a fun, interactive 75 minute speaking engagement filled with mind reading and psychological mentalism. (75 Minutes) Call For Pricing

Focusing On:

Cold Calling – make effective cold calls and increase sales results exponentially

Body Language & Non-Verbal Communication – learn how to harness someone’s body language into a productive experience

Product Pitch – learn how to sell almost anything with clever tricks and techniques

Closing The Sale – sell the product or service! Closing the sale in a fast, effective and impressive style!


– During this 75 minute demonstration, Christopher will take you through several powerful memory and cognitive exercises. Including the ability to instantly memorize a long list of information! He’ll teach you how to do it in a hilarious, entertaining performance. You won’t even realize you’re there to learn until he shows you what you can do with your own, untrained mind! (75 minutes) Call For Pricing

​Focusing On:

The Major System – remembering long strings of letters, passwords & numbers

Brain Games – demonstrations with the Linking method and useful Mnemonics

The Memory Cabinet – An ancient Roman technique for remembering an enormous amount of information with creative visualization

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