"Absolutely Amazing! You've been coming here for five years and every time it gets better and better!"
- Mary Jenson - Private Holiday Party
New York City, NY 2018
"Will you please tell us how you did it! Weeks later and we're still trying to figure it out!"
- Martin Cutler - Adult Birthday Event
Hartford, CT 2018
"Clean, Classy and Absolutely Amazing! Don't hesitate, hire Christopher Grace!"
- Amy Morgan - Family Party
Los Angeles, CA - 2018
"Wow! Thank you for getting everyone involved in the show! Everyone loved you!"
- Jeff Simmons - 4th of July Event
Little Rock, AR 2018
"What the h*ll!! That was insane! Thank you so much for spending time with us!"
- Ashley McDonough - Bachelorette Party
Las Vegas, NV 2017
"Thanks for coming all the way to Texas! This was so cool and so much fun!"
- Andrew Mackey - Family Reunion
Houston, TX 2018
"This was exactly what we were looking for! You're show was incredible!"
- Amanda Feldman - Holiday Party
Brooklyn, NY 2017
"Every time you are here it's so much fun and so interactive! Thanks for hanging out after the show and doing some more up-close mind reading for us!"
- Maureen Grant - Repeat Client - Home Party
Cape Cod, MA 2018
"Absolutely Fantastic! Thanks for an awesome show!"
- Robert O'Brien - Anniversary Party
Boston, MA 2018
"My wife absolutely loved your show! You made the night so much fun! Thank you!"
- Tommy Harrison - Adult Birthday Event
Washington D.C 2018
"We didn't know what to expect. I think that's what made it even more exciting when you blew us away! That was crazy!"
- Marc Peterson - Christmas Party
Albany, NY 2018
"This was by far the coolest event we've ever had! You were amazing! Thank you!"
- Matthew Chin - Family Party
Long Island, NY 2017
"Christopher was very professional, arrived early, stayed late, top quality entertainment! Highly Recommended!"
- Frank Matthews - Cocktail Party
Nashville, TN 2017
"We loved every minute of your show! It was great how you got so many of us involved! Thank you!"
- Samantha McPherson - Halloween Party
Chicago, IL 2018
"This was by far the coolest event we've "My parents loved the show! Thanks for getting them involved, they were so happy!"
- Jennifer Ionelli - Parent's Anniversary
New Rochelle, NY 2018
"The coolest thing we've ever seen! Any chance you'll let us in on the secret?"
- Rebecca Klein - Anniversary Party
New York City, NY 2018
"How is it possible for you to know all of that having never met any of us before? WITCH!"
- James Parsons - College Graduation Party
Manchester, NH 2018
"Hilarious, Smart and Totally Amazing! We'll see you next year for sure!"
- Michael Pesce - Christmas Party
Newton, MA 2018
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