FAQ About Christopher Grace

How Long Is Christopher's Corporate Mind Reading Show?

Quick Answer: Ranges between 15-90 minutes for full-length shows.

Long Answer: Every event that is booked with Christopher comes with it’s own unique and specific needs. A normal full-length corporate show runs a little over an hour and can be tailored to fit within all time requirements. Christopher will present for any time from fifteen minutes to several hours for strolling entertainment.

A private party performance can be booked for as little as a half hour or up to 90 minutes!

College performances are 90 minutes from start to finish!

Is Christopher's Show Family Appropriate?

Quick Answer: Yes!

Long Answer: Absolutely! Christopher’s performances are designed to be suitable for All audiences. The show is 100% clean and designed for corporate, college and private home parties!

Can Christopher Travel To My Corporate Event, Private Party or College?

Quick Answer: Yes.

Long Answer: Christopher travels all over North America and Europe and has made appearances in Singapore, China, Austraila, and South Africa. Most travel arrangements can be incorporate into fees for performances unless special circumstances apply. If you have specific questions please call 1-888-830-0038 (toll-free).

What Are Christopher's Fees?

Quick Answer: They Vary Greatly.

Long Answer: Christopher’s fees are not set as each event is unique and incorporates specific own requests and needs. Every fee offered will be custom quoted around location, date, show requirements, and type of event.

Does Christopher Have Insurance For His Events?

Quick Answer: Yes!

Long Answer: Christopher operates a licensed LLC. and provides a comprehensive $2.5 million insurance policy. Although Christopher’s performances do not include potentially dangerous elements such as fire, swords, etc. His shows are 100% covered!

How Soon Should We Book Chris?

Quick Answer: As Soon As You Know Your Event’s Date

Long Answer: There is no set minimum notice needed to make a booking. While Christopher does have dates booked as far as a year or more in advance, he does still have spots for events on his calendar. It may work out that a last minute date is available and if he can get to you in time to do a show he will. Just contact Christopher as soon as you know your date and we’ll accommodate you if the date is open at that time.

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