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Are you looking for a fast-paced, high-quality show you and your audience will never forget? Christopher can pull thoughts from your guests’ minds, influence their behavior and predict the outcome of events right in front of you! That’s just the first five minutes! He’s also a skilled motivational speaker and provides companies with intelligent, powerful keynote presentations.In addition to the comedy, audience participation and non-stop applause, you can also expect an entertainer who is very easy to work with. Christopher knows that no two events are alike. He’ll collaborate and customize your event with you. He’ll help make your event the best it can possibly be, with no exceptions.Join the events with best New York Mind reader Christopher Grace.


with New York Mind Reader Christopher Grace

Selecting the perfect entertainment for your corporate event is critical. How can you be sure to create a fun and memorable event for your guests, co-workers, or clients?

FIVE Immediate Benefits For Having Christopher At Your Next Event:

1.Customizable Performances To Highlight Your Companies Key Points and Messages! So your event stands out!

2.Hassle-Free Booking with A Seasoned Professional! So you don’t have to worry!

3.Your Staff, Friends, or Clients Will Become Part of the Show Without Being Embarrassed On Stage! So people will get involved, making the show more memorable!​4.All Shows Include: Interactive, Puzzling Mind Reading, Hilarious Comedy, Amazing Memory Feats, and Psychological Techniques Used in Very Non-Traditional Ways!

5.All Performances Leave the Crowds Energized, Smiling and Talking For Weeks After the Show! (seriously… weeks!)

Christopher’s performances always include a sophisticated presentation filled with interactive material, hilarious comedy and impossible demonstrations of mind reading and mentalism all designed to make you look like the hero of the night!

If you’re looking for a corporate entertainer or conference entertainment that will inspire your staff and shows how much you value them, there’s no better than Christopher’s signature mind-reading performance, completely customized for You!

Performance Options for All Corporate Functions

Note: Custom Events & Times Are Also Available Upon Request
New York Mind Reader


A quicker demonstration of interactive mind reading when time is on the tighter side. Include Christopher's 35 minute performance after dinner to break up the evening, meetings or speakers. Fast-paced, clean entertainment that brings your group together in unique and exciting ways!
Add Strolling Mind Reading Before The Show As A Unique Addition!


In the 45 minute show you can add a much stronger impact at your upcoming event. This will leave everyone absolutely amazed as they become part of the show in even more unique and interactive demonstrations. A popular addition to any post-dinner event, cocktail party or corporate function!
Add Strolling Mind Reading Before The Show As A Unique Addition!


This is by far Christopher’s most popular show, and allows for the deepest and most amazing impact at your event. Christopher will incorporate unique mind reading, audience participation, and amazing connections to your guests throughout this fun and friendly show! You and your guests will be a constant and special part of the performance!
Add Strolling Mind Reading Before The Show As A Unique Addition!

Why Hiring A Corporate Entertainer Like Chris Is A Great Idea!

IMMERSIVE FUN – Christopher’s performances are filled from top to bottom with fun and interactive material designed to get your guests involved on stage and from their seats. You are part of the show! 

AMAZING MIND READING – All of Christopher’s material is custom designed to be interesting, unique and mind-numbingly clever. Your guests will be baffled, bewildered, and impressed beyond belief!

EXPERIENCE YOU CAN TRUST – Christopher has been in the business of performing for almost twenty years, specifically as a corporate entertainer! These years of experience have afforded him the expertise that makes him one of the best in the industry! With hundreds of performances each year, he’ll prove his skills within the first few minutes of his entrance!

TOTAL CUSTOMIZATION – Whatever situation you present to Chris, he’ll be able to accommodate any venue or any size audience – from a small home party to a large banquet or festival. Your next event will have the best possible outcome with a corporate professional like Christopher Grace!

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