See what some of the biggest companies in the world have to say about Christopher Grace

"Chris was amazing and after his very entertaining act, everyone was asking "How'd he do that!?". Chris performed after dinner for about an hour for over 150 executives attending our annual finance conference. He was engaging and engaged the audience throughout his act. Displaying an array of great skills, humor, and audience participation savvy that left everyone -- and I mean everyone -- very impressed and thoroughly entertained. Chris was the perfect performer for our big night."
- Andy Boynton
Carroll School of Management Boston College


Private Events can include parties & functions in the home or special occasions in hotels, restaurants or other intimate venues!

"Absolutely Amazing! You've been coming here for five years and every time it gets better and better!"
- Mary Jenson - Private Holiday Party
New York City, NY 2018
"Will you please tell us how you did it! Weeks later and we're still trying to figure it out!"
- Martin Cutler - Adult Birthday Event
Hartford, CT 2018
"Clean, Classy and Absolutely Amazing! Don't hesitate, hire Christopher Grace!"
- Amy Morgan - Family Party
Los Angeles, CA - 2018
"Wow! Thank you for getting everyone involved in the show! Everyone loved you!"
- Jeff Simmons - 4th of July Event
Little Rock, AR 2017
"What the h*ll!! That was insane! Thank you so much for spending time with us!"
- Ashley McDonough - Bachelorette Party
Las Vegas, NV 2018
"Thanks for coming all the way to Texas! This was so cool and so much fun!"
- Andrew Mackey - Family Reunion
Houston, TX 2018
"This was exactly what we were looking for! You're show was incredible!"
- Amanda Feldman - Holiday Party
Brooklyn, NY 2018
"Every time you are here it's so much fun and so interactive! Thanks for hanging out after the show and doing some more up-close mind reading for us!"
- Maureen Grant - Repeat Client - Home Party
Cape Cod, MA 2018
"Absolutely Fantastic! Thanks for an awesome show!"
- Robert O'Brien - Anniversary Party
Boston, MA 2017
"Is this something you're born with? What you showed us was ridiculous!"
- Hank Garrison - Adult Birthday Event
Boston, MA 2017
"My wife absolutely loved your show! You made the night so much fun! Thank you!"
- Tommy Harrison - Adult Birthday Event
Washington D.C 2017
"We didn't know what to expect. I think that's what made it even more exciting when you blew us away! That was crazy!"
- Marc Peterson - Christmas Party
Albany, NY 2018
"This was by far the coolest event we've ever had! You were amazing! Thank you!"
- Matthew Chin - Family Party
Long Island, NY 2017
"Christopher was very professional, arrived early, stayed late, top quality entertainment! Highly Recommended!"
- Frank Matthews - Cocktail Party
Nashville, TN 2017
"We loved every minute of your show! It was great how you got so many of us involved! Thank you!"
- Samantha McPherson - Halloween Party
Chicago, IL 2017
"This was by far the coolest event we've "My parents loved the show! Thanks for getting them involved, they were so happy!"
- Jennifer Ionelli - Parent's Anniversary
New Rochelle, NY 2018
"The coolest thing we've ever seen! Any chance you'll let us in on the secret?"
- Rebecca Klein - Anniversary Party
New York City, NY 2018
"How is it possible for you to know all of that having never met any of us before? WITCH!"
- James Parsons - College Graduation Party
Manchester, NH 2017
"Hilarious, Smart and Totally Amazing! We'll see you next year for sure!"
- Michael Pesce - Christmas Party
Newton, MA 2017
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