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The Virtual Mentalists© provides high-quality digital entertainment & infotainment options for companies & organizations around the world.

Virtual meetings have been growing in popularity for years. With the current pandemic, they are now a requirement for many businesses. If you’re looking for a way to get your team excited to go to a virtual meeting or webinar, we are the answer. The Virtual Mentalists offer tailored interactive programs that are sure to leave your group buzzing.


With nearly three decades in virtual communications technology, our award-winning mentalist Christopher Grace and communications professor Dr. Carl Christman will tailor a presentation for your company that will bring your group together and get them thinking. They get people interacting and participating in fun and unique ways. 


Whether you want a one-of-a-kind online keynote address for your webinar, an entertaining team-building session for your meeting, or classic a mind-reading show from afar, the Virtual Mentalists are sure to create memorable experiences.

We help you host meetings people will want to attend.

With a multitude of options, The Virtual Mentalists © can customize & accommodate your group from 5 to 500 along with many personalized options. 

Skype, GoToMeeting, and Zoom are our most popular platforms. However, we've used many other technologies such as Google Hangouts, Facebook Live, Instagram, Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans and Cisco Webex to name a few. 



Christopher Grace

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Christopher Grace is an award-winning corporate mentalist and sales trainer. His 20+ year career has taken him around the globe working with companies like Apple, Bain Capital, Berkshire Hathaway, Microsoft & Google just to name a few.

His ability to weave key messages into demonstrations of mentalism & mind reading have made him a go-to favorite when you want to make your event stand out amongst all the rest.

Dr. Carl Christman

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With over 15 years as a professor of communication and his work as a mentalist, Dr. Christman's presentations are educational, interactive and entertaining. He explores interpersonal communications and influence from a radically different perspective. Participants will gain the tools to more productively relate to family, friends, and colleagues.


With a focus on sales & communications, The Virtual Mentalists © provide unique & valuable speeches & talks to help teach & motivate your teams!

Does your team need digital communications training? The Virtual Mentalists© can teach & train your staff to conduct efficient digital meetings. Additionally, with our accredited program your HR staff can receive continuing education credits!

The Virtual Mentalists© specialty is providing fully interactive performances of mind reading and mentalism. All through your computer, tablet or smartphone. Our shows are 100% live & we make it a point to interact with the viewing audience just as if we were there with you in person! The miracles are even more impossible!!


Active Solutions

We provide complete set-up & implementation of various popular video conferencing softwares.

Dr. Christman's communications training can even teach groups how to make the most of these easy to use business tools.

Unique Interactivity

There will be no dull moments with The Virtual Mentalists. We create a completely interactive and participatory digital environment so everyone can be a part of the event. Exactly how it would be with a classic in-person audience.

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