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Corporate Entertainment Mentalist


Strolling Entertainment for Corporate Events

Interactive strolling entertainment for your next cocktail party, hospitality suite and corporate event. 

What is Strolling Entertainment?

Almost every event has some form of a cocktail reception or pre-event warm up session. This is where you can add some incredibly unique elements that turn this otherwise routine and often boring time into something truly different. 

A cocktail reception is usually an hour or two at the most, and more often than not the most exciting thing to happen is the anticipation for the next round of hors d'oeuvres. 

Now imagine breaking this up with some intelligent and amazing one on one mind reading. 

Picture a smartly dressed man approaching a group of unsuspecting people. He immediately begins by telling them that person one is a Capricorn, person two owns a golden retriever named Terry and person three grew up in southern Maine but now lives in Kentucky. Then after a few words and perhaps a feat or two more, he moves on to blow the minds of the next group. 

The minds of these guests, forever amazed by an unexpected entertainer moving throughout the room. For a more visual example. Watch the video on this page where Chris amazes some of the Burberry fashion company staff. 



  • Strolling mind reading is completely non-invasive. Chris does not push his way into a group and only approaches a party at the right time. 

  • No group session lasts longer than eight to ten minutes. Giving Chris enough time to make his way through the entire event without missing anyone. 

  • All strolling bookings can be made by the hour. Two hours is the usual amount of time needed, but certain events call for more time. A group of say 200 people would require at least two hours. However, a smaller group of say 40-50 people would only need one hour. 

  • Chris does not present magic during strolling. As a mentalist and psychic entertainer, the guests will be experiencing mentalism or "mind reading". Which means, the guests will be 100% part of the experience. As always, no guest will ever be embarrassed, made to do anything uncomfortable or inappropriate. 

  • The strolling events are designed specifically for professional corporate audiences and will fit into any industry, guaranteed. Seriously, Chris worked in Singapore for six weeks and almost half of his bookings were strolling events for groups that spoke little to no English. Oh, and they were blown away. 

A Few Companies that Utilize Chris' Interactive Strolling Entertainment
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