Christopher Grace is one of the only corporate mentalists or entertainers who specializes in the audience experience. The focus is to put on an amazing show and make you the one who gets all the praise!

He Is Your Audience Engagement Specialist

Here is why you should considering adding a corporate mentalist like Christopher to your next event!

Finding the right entertainment for your next company event can be a challenging and often daunting task. Have you seen the same thing over and over again at events in the past? 

Ask yourself if you'd like something different this time around. You will receive a unique and creative performance of interactive mind reading at your next company function. While incorporating comedy, friendly participation and unbelievable demonstrations of impossible mind reading - your co-workers, guests and friends will be on the edge of their seats from the start to the very last moment of the show! Knockout experience guaranteed!

You're not just getting a show but an experience that involves the entire audience, specially constructed just for you!

Imagine people asking you, "how did he do that?!" over & over & then thanking you for doing something different this time! Imagine this: Christopher enters the stage and immediately begins to tell a randomly chosen audience member where he spent vacations as a child. Or perhaps how much money was in the wallet of the man in the front row and the name of the grandchildren for the woman sitting in the back of the audience. All of this in just in the first thirty seconds on stage, and without ever meeting or speaking to anyone before the show! You will be blown away. The miracles and impossibilities compound and compound through the rest of the performance, leaving you & everyone in the room absolutely amazed! 

You can see clips of Christopher's shows by visiting the Videos page here, and more information for a variety of corporate & company programs can be found under the Corporate Entertainment button above.  

"Christopher's focus on providing a truly memorable experience is undoubtedly a main reason why he is the best!"- Samantha K.

"It was truly amazing – many of us could have watched you for hours!"

- Lisa B. Archstone Financial

"Thanks again for coming to perform for our Holiday party.  Everybody thoroughly enjoyed it and they had a great time!" - C. W - USAF

Corporate Stage Show

Designed around your event & your audience! The full stage performance can be customized from 20 to 90 minutes & is action-packed with interactive, fun & engaging mind reading & mentalism. A guaranteed knockout experience from start to finish! Click below to get more information now!

Strolling Mind Reading

When you're cocktail party or dinner needs something extra to liven it up, you can not go wrong with interactive strolling mind reading. Performed just inches from guests, they will be constantly amazed at the impossible demonstrations of psychic ability. Check out a live video of strolling mind-reading by clicking below!

Private Home Parties

You & your guests can experience miracles of the mind right in your own home! A private party (whether it's in a home, hotel or another small venue) will immediately add a special & memorable element to the evening. A fun, funny & interactive performance of psychic ability, mind reading, and mentalism! To get more info click the link below!

Corporate Mentalist & Entertainer


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“Christopher was absolutely incredible. His ability to connect with the audience right away was amazing. We're still talking about him!”

Diana Waldman

Charles Schwab

“We thought we'd be able to figure Chris out. We were so wrong! He was incredible and we have no clue how he did any of it! ”

Eric Leon 

"Our team has raved about Christopher! He was friendly, hilarious and made the show completely about us! Highly recommended!" 

Rachel Rasmund


"Thank you so much for helping us launch our new phone! Everyone loved you and had a great time!"

Lyndsey Williams



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