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Do you think you’ve seen it all? Think again. Christopher Grace transforms ordinary events into extraordinary experiences. Large or small, from the ballroom to the cocktail reception, he’ll amaze the audience and have them talking about your event long after they leave. Chris has spent twenty years performing for the world’s largest companies and even the smallest. No matter the size of your group, whether it’s a five person family company or a tech conglomerate – you will always get the absolute best in intelligent, funny and unique professional entertainment. 

Corporate Entertainment that’s different, unique and completely one of a kind! 

Christopher Grace provides complete entertainment solutions for you, so that all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the show. A great question to ask yourself is the following: 

Would hearing your friends, co-workers or boss going on and on about how amazing your event went be a good thing? Christopher is going to leave you and your guests’ jaws on the floor, and that’s a promise. 

After thousands of performances around the world, Christopher Grace has quickly become one of the most requested, talked about and popular corporate mentalists in the business! Companies large and small (once they learn what Chris can do) all turn to him when they need to make sure that their next event will be the best it can possibly be, without exception.

        Some of the important pieces of information that most people don’t even think to consider are the            following:

  • Christopher offers only the best in professional entertainment. With years of training in interpersonal psychology, sales, marketing and theater – Christopher embodies the concrete image of a seasoned expert in his craft.
  • Having spent nearly all of his performance experience in the corporate world & private events market– Christopher not only looks the part, he actually is! Therefore, when you need someone who is going to make you look great in front of the CEO, or in front of the employees (if You are the CEO!) you will likely never find a better option.
  • Christopher will offer you versatility that’s specifically meant to enthrall your audience for any type of event. Christopher not only excels at bringing a brilliant mix of mentalism, comedy and mind reading to corporate events, banquets, and galas. He adds that special dimension to large venues, intimate gatherings, trade show floors, colleges, and even right in the middle of your living room. The point being, no event is too large or small!

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Where Does Christopher Fit at My Next Event?

The great part about working with Christopher is the aforementioned versatility and ability to accommodate any and all venue shapes and sizes. This does not mean you can only bring Christopher in for a full theater style show. Quite the contrary. Below are the most popular options for which Christopher is known.

The Full Mind Reading Performance:

            (which can be tailored to suit audiences of practically any size and can be customized for length from fifteen to ninety minutes.)

Working directly with a group of people, whether it’s five or five thousand. Christopher presents a collection of custom designed mind reading demonstrations that are specifically crafted to get the absolute best response from your guests. Minds will be read in ways you never thought were possible. A combination of classic material that’s been twisted and redesigned by Christopher along with brand new, proprietary routines have made this show one that make people ask, “But HOW could this have happened?”

The show is all about your guests and making them a part of the show is absolutely essential. Your audience will be in the show! It’s also important to note that those who do participate in the performance will never be embarrassed or made to do anything that would make them feel even the tiniest bit uncomfortable. Christopher’s shows are fun, exciting and meant to make everyone feel great at the finale.

Strolling Mind Reading:

            (which also can be tailored to suit your needs. This is a great option for cocktail parties, trade shows, receptions, etc. and can be customized from one to four hours in length)

A strolling entertainer is sometimes securitized and looked at from a distance with a “god I hope he doesn’t come over here!” mindset.  However, Christopher does not stand out like a more stereotypical entertainer. Always dressed in fine suits, Christopher blends into the event and always appears to be one of the guests. That’s until he walks up to a group and introduces himself by literally reading the minds of a guest standing just a foot or two away from him. Close up mind reading have such an impactful effect on people that it’s hard to keep them from demanding a repeat performance.

However, Christopher will make his way around the reception or party talking to guests and creating miracles over and over again. Consider this: If someone walked up to you at a party and immediately told you (after a introducing himself) how much money was on you at that precise moment, or where your mother went to college, or what your birthday, pin number or spouse’s middle name was, that would blow your mind. That is exactly the point.


Walk around mind reading and magic for private parties, corporate events, and weddings. Up Close Mind Reading Just Inches Away!

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