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Corporate Entertainment Solutions

How adding incredible corporate entertainment will make your next event a success!

Here's the perfect solution if you want your next corporate event to be remembered long after it's over! 

You will receive unparalleled personalization & customization for your upcoming event. From start to finish, the minds of your colleagues, clients, friends & even bosses will be blown away with a guaranteed knockout experience. Leaving you to take all the credit & praise for an incredible event!


Perhaps you’re looking for an interactive corporate mentalist to amaze your audience with incredible psychological thought reading and unbelievable demonstrations of the human mind? Or maybe you need a cocktail party ice-breaker performing up-close miracles for just a few people at a time? Either way, Christopher is your answer to making your event a success. Focusing performances specifically on your guests with fun, interactive presentations of friendly, funny & 100% corporate clean psychological mind-reading.     


Corporate entertainment should be exciting, unique & for everyone! (all events are custom quoted to fit within each company's unique & particular budget) There is no better way of making your next event remembered well after it’s over.  

mentalist Christopher grace
The Stage Show

When you bring Christopher’s world-renowned mentalism performance to the stage at your next event you will love the intellectually and visually baffling impossibilities of the mind. All paired with high-energy comedy, and participation. All jokes, audience interaction, and demonstrations are designed to impress, not offend, and they’re 100% corporate-clean.


This type of special corporate entertainment is perfect for your conference, award dinners, private parties, business meetings, or hospitality suites. You don't need to just fill time with the usual – rather, capitalize on it with mentalism & mind reading that entertains, excites, and makes your guests wonder, while you get all the praise!

The Trade Show Mentalist

Your goal at a trade show is to deliver your marketing message, elevate your presence on the trade show floor, make sales and build relationships for exponential growth. Trade Show entertainment like mind reading and mentalism can help you generate leads by bringing visitors to your booth. 


This increases your brand awareness and elevates your spot on the trade show floor. When you bring a dedicated lead generation expert into your booth you will have more time to spend with qualified clients, give them the attention needed and make the sale!  

Christopher focuses on shoveling in attendees with interactive, customized material specifically designed to get your message across those who would otherwise pass you by. Grow your business today with a trusted performer & audience engagement specialist!

For more information on trade show performances with Christopher Grace please click here. 

Strolling Mind Reading

Casual, intimate feats of close up mind reading add energy to your event's atmosphere & bring your guests together for a more memorable experience. Christopher’s strolling mentalism and mind-reading are designed for your cocktail hour, private party, sales meeting, and dinners where your guests, employees or friends are networking, celebrating, or just mingling before dinner.


Your guests will never forget the unique opportunity to witness world-class mentalism up close and personal!  You can watch the video below to get an idea of what to expect when you work with Christopher. For even more information on strolling events click here

Private Parties

When you add unique and exciting entertainment to your next home party, private event or special occasion it will immediately elevate it from ordinary to extraordinary! Seriously, a personalized performance for your guests with an award-winning mind reader will guarantee your event is remembered long after it's over!


You will receive a custom a one of a kind mind reading and psychic entertainment performance for your next party or special occasion. Focusing 100% on your audience with interactivity, while keeping it friendly and fun, You and the audience will be the star of the show! All way making you the one who gets all of the praise for such a great party at the end of the night!

For more information on private and home parties please click here!

  • Each show is fast-paced & filled with original, audience-tested over thousands of performances material. Guaranteeing you not having to worry about anything! 

  • Every show is 100% customizable, so it fits into Your program exactly 

  • The performance is 100% corporate clean, without any blue or off-color language, material or topics. 

  • There will NEVER be a single audience member who will be embarrassed or made to do anything that would be potentially uncomfortable or inappropriate.

  • The show is designed for a corporate and professional audience. Fitting in perfectly with all levels of your company, from a group of executives to a company-wide assembly.   

  • Chris arrives early and stays late! He will make sure everything is as perfect as he can make it before he begins the show and before he leaves! 

  • Sounds expensive right? Not necessarily. Each program is completely custom quoted for you and will be designed to fit within YOUR budget. Seriously. Inquiring and speaking to Chris about your needs is the best way to get a quote that works for both!  

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