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Corporate Mentalist


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Having a corporate mentalist like Christopher Grace at your next event is guaranteed to make you the star of the night. Interactive, intelligent performances designed for a corporate audience. 

Here is why you should considering adding an incredible corporate mentalist like Christopher to your next event!

Finding the right entertainment for your corporate event can be a challenging and often daunting task. Have you seen the same thing over and over again at events in the past? 

Ask yourself if you'd like something different this time around. Christopher Grace will provide a unique and creative performance of interactive mentalism for your next event at your corporate event. While incorporating comedy, friendly participation and unbelievable demonstrations of impossible mentalism - Chris will keep your clients and co-workers on the edge of their seats from the start to the very last moment of the show! 

When you book a corporate mentalist like Chris, you're not just getting a show but an experience that involves the entire audience!

Imagine Christopher entering the stage and immediately being able to tell a randomly chosen audience member where he spent vacations as a child. Or perhaps how much money was in the wallet of the guy in the front row and the name of the grandchildren for the teacher sitting in the back of the audience. All of this in just in the first thirty seconds on stage, and without ever meeting or speaking to anyone before the show! How could Chris do these things? The miracles and impossibilities compound and compound through the rest of the performance. 

You can see clips of Christopher's shows by visiting the Videos page here, and more information for a variety of information please email today!

"Christopher's focus on providing a truly memorable experience is undoubtedly a main reason why he is the best!"- Samantha K.


"It was truly amazing – many of us could have watched you for hours!"

- Lisa B. Archstone Financial


"Thanks again for coming to perform for our Holiday party.  Everybody thoroughly enjoyed it and they had a great time!" - C. W - USAF



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